Dory’s Back!

Jun 17

Our favorite forgetful fish is back – and she’s brought some great activity sheets you can print out for your family. Go ahead and click to download below:   Finding Dory Coloring Pages: findingdory_pdf_5702e04b418d1 Finding Dory Match Game: findingdory_pdf_573379ac941b8

Disney World Done Right-Four Generations of Fun

Apr 6

I haven’t seen my Mom since summer. My Dad since Fall. My brother since summer. All just way too long with way too much need for support in between. In fact, my Mom finally just hopped a plane from coast to coast, coming to help out as I’ve been hospitalized almost every three weeks since

Do You Want to Build a Princess?

Sep 15

I have a bit of a confession. My daughter pretty much could care less about all the Disney Princesses and I’m not happy about it. Go ahead, lecture me. I know, I know…I should be thrilled, right? She doesn’t want to be saved by the Prince (although, to be fair, not many Disney Princesses are

Going to Disney? Dress the Part First! GIVEAWAY

Apr 14

Before we headed off on our Disneyland adventure for Spring Break and the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, Kohl’s sent over a gift card so the kids could wear some Mickey and Minnie at the parks. (Thanks Kohl’s!*) They have a new line called ‘Magic at Play‘ by Jumping Bean which is a bit small

It’s A World of Laughter & Doing Good for a Cause

Apr 5

I can not even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for next week’s Social Media Moms event at Disneyland. This is my first time and from what I hear, it will be everything and then some. One of my favorite things about Disney – hands down – is the company’s commitment to others.

Muppets Most Wanted Left Me Wanting….

Mar 17

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling fantastic but there was no way Lupus was keeping me from seeing Muppets Most Wanted in Hollywood. So my Mom and I packed up the kids. I took my medication, and before we knew it, there was ANIMAL. Or, better known in my house as AANNNNNEEEEEEEEMMMMMMAAALLLLLLLL. So

Disney Sends Strong LGBT Message, My Kid Hears It Loud & Clear

Mar 2

It’s no secret my son and I love to talk politics. His 10-year old soul is wise beyond his years. So when news very quietly came out that Disney has told the Boy Scouts of America it will be pulling its funding from the group, beginning in 2015, over its stance on gay leaders…I had

Piggy Stuns in Vivienne Westwood, Blogger Drools

Feb 13

Is it possible to be jealous of a pig? A muppet pig? I’m out of my mind excited for the new Muppet movie, Muppets Most Wanted, due in theaters March 21st. Not only because Tina Fey is involved. Not only because I LOVE THE MUPPETS. But because it’s rumored Miss Piggy and Kermie may finally