Death Threats Against Disney Child Actor LGBT Related?

Feb 7

I’m heartbroken by this news. And ANGRY. Last night as the kids and I snuggled together before bed, we heard a teaser for the evening news…”Local police investigate death threats against a Disney child star…more at 11.” They showed a photo of the adorable Mia Talerico from Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, one of the programs

Frozen: Sing-a-Long!!!!

Feb 1

My daughter spent a full 300 million hours yesterday practicing for today’s Frozen sing-a-long at our local theatre. She even decided to dress up for the occasion, and this is the girl who prefers to stay out of dresses and in her PJ bottoms. We saw Frozen as a family several weeks ago and I

The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Me

Jan 7

I caught myself tearing up at the Muppet movie tonight. Kermit opening the drawer and pulling out his torn photo of Miss Piggy. Piggy showing up with her half of the photo. The whole gang singing Rainbow Connection. Had the kids not been in the room I probably would have been sobbing. Yup, that’s where

Frozen in Time with Infinity

Jan 3

Santa brought Anna and Elsa to our home in the form of Disney Infinity characters…and my daughter and I couldn’t be having more fun. For those of you who haven’t played Disney’s Infinity yet, there are several ways to play including missions where you and your characters navigate challenges to reach a goal. Or you

What Would Mr. Moseby Say?

Dec 16

*update Dylan Sprouse responds and owns up to his mistake.   So I’m messing around on Twitter tonight, as I tend to do…and I see a semi-familiar name trending. Dylan Sprouse…Dylan Sprouse…where do I know that name??? Oh… wait… he’s one of the twins from Suite Life on Disney, or… Suite Life on Deck. He’s

The Love and the Heartbreak of Dumbo

Nov 27

So we broke down and watched Dumbo. My kids giggled and awwwwwed and had a generally great time watching the Disney classic. And then the scene came on. The one that makes me bawl and sob every single time. Suddenly my son left the room. He walked quickly into my father’s room making some excuse


Nov 15
Maleficent Angelina Jolie

Holy HELL (I can say that, it’s about an EVIL QUEEN) but have you SEEN Angelina Jolie as Maleficent???!!!! In theaters May of 2014. I can’t wait.

Some Jack-o-Lantern Fun With Disney Stars & My Disney Kids!

Oct 31
MICK Dog With A Blog

My kids love “Stan” from Disney’s Dog with a Blog…so I had to kick off this blog post with our blogging doggie, did you know his real name is Mick? Also check out some other faces you might recognize- Disney Channel stars and Radio Disney On-air personalities celebrate “Monstober,” Disney Channel’s month-long Halloween celebration dedicated

Those Lazy Hazy Disney Days

Oct 25

I love fall weekends in SoCal. (I know, how many times can I say that, right?) It means we get some fog up here in our valley and we all sleep in a bit later than usual. There are snuggles and stretches and yawns as kids crawl into bed with us and we enjoy the