The Magic, Fancy Memories That Flood Back

May 10

I have this vague recollection about a trip we took to Disney World with my family…but in my younger years. So that would have meant my Grandmother, who lived in Central Florida, would have been involved or taken us. I remember becoming entirely in love with this maroon/pink umbrella, or parasol. It had my name

Going to Disney? Dress the Part First! GIVEAWAY

Apr 14

Before we headed off on our Disneyland adventure for Spring Break and the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, Kohl’s sent over a gift card so the kids could wear some Mickey and Minnie at the parks. (Thanks Kohl’s!*) They have a new line called ‘Magic at Play‘ by Jumping Bean which is a bit small

Disabled and Headed to Disneyland- the Social Media Moms Version

Apr 9

*Stay tuned for a very important public service announcement at the end of this post.   The family and I are headed to Disneyland for the Social Media Moms Conference this weekend. I know, I know, you’re wondering what sort of cool contraption I’ll be riding in to show off my sexiness, well…NOT the scooters

It’s A World of Laughter & Doing Good for a Cause

Apr 5

I can not even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for next week’s Social Media Moms event at Disneyland. This is my first time and from what I hear, it will be everything and then some. One of my favorite things about Disney – hands down – is the company’s commitment to others.

Headed to Disney Social Media Moms

Mar 29

Well, the Lupus is cooperating for now and the doctor has given me the thumbs up…so over the kid’s Spring Break we’re going to pack up and head to Disneyland. I plan to wear something way more stylish than the yellow hospital gown you see up there. The great part is I will get to

My Disney Side Rolls

Oct 9
The Family!

Ok first of all have you seen the new Disney commercials? Showing your #DisneySide? I have to admit…this is so totally my family at Disney. I mean seriously do you normally see my husband in pink ears making a dorky face? Don’t answer that. I can’t explain it, it’s just how we roll. It’s where

Halloween Time At Disneyland

Oct 7
Halloween at Disneyland

I love Fall in Southern California. The triple digit weather finally breaks and I anxiously await the invitation from Disney Public Relations for my family and I to come check out all they have to offer for a fantastic time at Disneyland Resorts during Halloween. Thank you Disney! The parks are all decked out with