It’s no secret my son and I love to talk politics. His 10-year old soul is wise beyond his years. So when news very quietly came out that Disney has told the Boy Scouts of America it will be pulling its funding from the group, beginning in 2015, over its stance on gay leaders…I had one happy kid.


Years ago we gave J the chance to join scouting if he wanted. His father was a scout and it was a very big part of his life. There were many things he learned because of scouting, and many things he loathed. But, we offered it to our son none-the-less, hoping it would give him something to do that was ‘nature’ related. We grappled with the Boy Scout’s LGBT issue…but in the end left it up to our son.

He said ‘no’ emphatically because of the LGBT issue.

Mom, no…why would you want me to join them when they do that? 

He had us there.

So as we watched the news this weekend and heard Disney, a company he deeply respects and even wants to have ‘meetings with’ concerning his ‘Wogel’ empire (a character he’s made that has an entire world built around it), J was thrilled Disney would take a stand against discrimination.

Every year we attend an event with Disney that just happens to coincide with Gay Days and since my children were very, very, very little they have always experienced the park with many other families. I assumed they would notice, but because kids are kids Disney = a place where all families share in the magic. And that is entirely normal for them. But to HEAR it, on the news, OUTLOUD, gave my son a huge boost of confidence in the company and people he loves.

Did my heart good as well.

As more companies take these stances and as more of US speak with our wallets, discrimination may eventually become a thing of the past.

Way to go Disney.