I haven’t seen my Mom since summer. My Dad since Fall. My brother since summer. All just way too long with way too much need for support in between. In fact, my Mom finally just hopped a plane from coast to coast, coming to help out as I’ve been hospitalized almost every three weeks since December.

This time, it’s a bit more serious but we think we finally know the reason I’ve been so ill and we’re going to kick its sorry behind.

That means…drumroll…in May the kids and I are hopping on a jet plane and making our way in the opposite direction because my dreams have come true and I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I was honored to have been invited last year when the event was held here in California, but am about 1,000 times more excited that it will be in Orlando at Walt Disney World because THAT is my Disney.

Orlando’s Walt Disney World is where my beloved grandmother took us every year, where many of my childhood dreams were realized and every memory was embedded in my heart and remains there as my reminder of her.

It also reminds me of car trips from Michigan to Florida with my Mom and Aunt driving overnight to get us to Grandma’s … we’d get a ‘car gift’ for every state line we’d cross and it was always some Disney toy to keep us busy for the trip.

My Aunt, who passed away just this summer, would make us all sweat suits with her very crafty painting and we’d all have different colors with pretty flowers painted on (this was very big in the 80′s, just trust me) and some mouse ears. (Don’t get me started about the year I got the RED sweat shirt and sweat pants and therefore in the dark could not be seen well and had to stay VERY CLOSE to all the adults while all the OTHER kids could run around…yes, I’m still mad).

Because it has been so long since I’ve been to Walt Disney World, I’m  hoping to use it as a refresher on what makes Disney special, how you do Disney RIGHT (oh, I have my ways, all taught to me by my grandmother) and I’m sure many surprises. Heck, last year Hala met her idol, Grumpy Cat at the the conference, and got to hold and play with THE GRUMPY CAT…so anything is possible.

I really wanted to be in better health by this year’s event, but sadly I’m just not as improved as I hoped I would be. But never fear! All I need is my trusty scooter and I’m off to conquer absolutely everything. Which means I can also write about the best ways to scooter Disney World.

But here is the best part- not only do I get to spend quality time with my children and some of my favorite bloggers, but I get to bring my MOM to the event and we will spent Mother’s Day together.

Her 60th birthday was in March and I wanted so badly to make it a special one for her, and time with her grandchildren really is about as special as it gets. And with the passing of her sister, my Aunt, this trip is really going to be an emotional one for us.

Plus I hear there is now rum available for your Dole Whip at Animal Kingdom and nothing gets more special than Nana with a drink in her- which just might have to happen if we are shedding too many tears.

Ironically my husband has to remain at work in Santa Monica order to finish a Disney/Marvel film in time for release. More on that soon…

In the meantime, I think it’s time to kick Disney blogging into high gear starting with Grandma Ruth’s Right Way to do Disney, Tip #1…stay tuned! And enjoy our new Kitty (also an important part of my #DisneySide, which I will explain later) hugging Princess Tiana!