If you timeline on Facebook or Twitter or other social media platforms hasn’t burst into a vaccination debate, or a photoshop of Mickey and Minnie with measles I’d be shocked.

It seems everyone is talking about the recent outbreak of the disease and because of it’s spread to Disneyland, some are having a grand time poking fun at my favorite mouse.

But can we cut the jokes for just a few because this is a serious health issue and Disneyland isn’t to blame, in fact, it’s just as much a victim as you or I. Any place where thousands of people gather is a potential ground zero for many things, and the spreading of a very contagious disease OF COURSE counts.

My first thought when I heard about measles at Disneyland was OMG BUT I WANT TO GO… IS IT SAFE???? I scheduled a very simple blood test with my doctor to test my immunity to measles, as I was vaccinated as a child and received a booster as a young adult, but vaccinations can fade over time. My children have been vaccinated. Should an opportunity come up to visit a Disney park I want to GO.

Luckily my doctor reports I am immune to measles (and many of the other childhood illnesses some people are choosing to skip giving vaccinations to their children for) and could safely visit any public location – with the understanding I still have a compromised immune system and public locations from the grocery store to Disney have many people who pass around many germs.carsland Those of you who are not vaccinated should avoid Disneyland and other places (like the BART in San Francisco where a confirmed measles patient rode the system while contagious) until the California Department of Public Health says otherwise.

Just because Disneyland was the place where people were exposed to measles doesn’t mean Disneyland is at fault. I mean, what is a cast member to do- check everyone entering the park for a fever? Run blood work? You’d think there was some conspiracy from the craziness online that Mickey and Minnie were out to get you sick…when nothing could be further from the truth. Mickey and Minnie take me away from my illness. They transport me to a place where we can leave my disease home and simply enjoy life.

In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep after all, because you are suspending your disbelief when you enter a Disney park and the magic takes hold. At least that’s how it is for our family and will continue to be as we safely visit the Happiest Place on Earth without fear.

In the meantime I will be clicking ‘hide’ on all your posts with photos of my favorite characters covered in red bumps…because I may dream while I’m at Disney, but I prefer to live in reality while outside the park gates.