We had so much fun at Disneyland the other weekend I’ve been entirely too caught up in reliving the moment, I forgot to tell you.

But never fear! There is STILL TIME to enjoy what is, arguably, one of the best times to hit the parks: Halloween!

This year we had triple digit weather for the annual Vest family trip and I have to admit, it slowed us but did not stop us from having the time of our lives.

Two scooters this time around (per usual we rented from an outside vender, have them drop it at the bellhop of the Paradise Pier) leaving our bags with the bellhop and awaaaaaaay we gooooooo!

Ok we were a bit slow.

My husband was getting used to his scooter and I was just trying not to STICK to mine from the heat. We went straight over to California Adventure for a little Family Media Day party (thank you Disney!*) where we were treated to fun and games and goodies and fast passes! Then we decided we needed some Soarin’ – where my son could gaze at the many pilots who came before him and I could see and smell the wonders of our home state.


Then it was over to Disneyland where we had to admire the biggest and best pumpkin in the park


….before getting entirely soaked on Splash Mountain.


Well worth it on a hot, hot day.

Keeping mind we were still dealing with triple digits, we hits few more rides, and had a great meal at Storyteller’s Cafe, and then promptly crashed in the hotel room. The hotel room with my very, very favorite beach ball pillows. Seriously, I love those pillows. Why? I have no idea…they are just stuffed beach balls. But the first time we ever stayed at this Disney resort the kids were just over the MOON about the pillows, so whenever I see them I get all misty.

Disney does that to some of us.

The rest of the park experience didn’t last long for two of us. One little girl, and one boot wearing, scooter driving man were very, very comfy laying on those beach ball pillows and watching tv. So my son and I decided we’d go see the fireworks and spend some much needed one-on-one time out in the parks.

I have to admit, my son and I had a great time. We ended up spending most of it in the arcade in Tomorrowland where he played every game in sight, and I concentrated on the classics like Frogger and Pole Position. We also stopped in a store on Main Street I’ve always wanted to spend some time in, but never quite made it in until then…Houdini’s Magic Shop. Apparently the whole Halloween theme was entirely taking over.

My son was mesmerized by just about EVERYTHING inside, including the ‘spirit’ lights of which he just had to bring home….

It honestly was one of those nights with my first born I will never forget. He even kissed me on the cheek before we snuck into our hotel beds and thanked me for some great Mother/Son time.

Due to my delayed posting, it’s my understanding Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party is already sold out for the season-but call daily for cancelations. You never know when you might get lucky. If you are looking for a little magic, this is the place where it happens. So call, seriously.

I also can’t recommend enough the Happiest Haunts tour. Yes, it’s a few extra bucks, but SO MUCH FUN for anyone from 1 to 100. We walked (or in our case drove) the park with our tour guide who will show you all the hidden and not so hidden treats throughout the lands…AND, if you are lucky, you just may be joined by an extra ‘spirit’ guide. Someone you might have to get back to his/her special place of residence…let’s just say it’s a spooky mansion…befoere the park closes. Your tour will include tricks, treats, and sweets and even the VIP treatment on some of the season’s special rides. That ALONE makes it worth the money.

There really is nothing like Fall at Disneyland…except for maybe the winter holidays at Disneyland. But between the two comes something very special this year: my 40th birthday at Disney’s Aulani resort in Hawaii.

You are allll invited.
I’m not kidding. Want to come? Email me for details.

…and for that, I promise not to be late.