I can not even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for next week’s Social Media Moms event at Disneyland. This is my first time and from what I hear, it will be everything and then some.

One of my favorite things about Disney – hands down – is the company’s commitment to others. So with that in mind there is something VERY SPECIAL you can do to celebrate one of the most iconic rides and give back.

Yes, it’s the ear worm we all love to hate, but in this case I think you can make it through, because there is a lot of money on the line for those who need it most.

Head on over to It’s a Small World’s 50th Anniversary page and build a doll. Just by building a cute Small World doll, online, means Disney will donate $1 to UNICEF.

Here’s one  of the awesome dolls I made:


So what  are you waiting for? BUILD A DOLL for a GOOD CAUSE…and then humm that tune you know you are already humming in your head all.day.long. And if you can’t stop humming it and want to let loose and SING? Guess what…you get to record yourself singing It’s a Small World on the same site!!! So I say grab some friends and go for it. I’ll embarrass myself if you will. Promise.

p.s. stay tuned as I’m going to be GIVING AWAY all kinds of fun stuff to commemorate my first Disney conference.