I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling fantastic but there was no way Lupus was keeping me from seeing Muppets Most Wanted in Hollywood.

So my Mom and I packed up the kids. I took my medication, and before we knew it, there was ANIMAL. Or, better known in my house as AANNNNNEEEEEEEEMMMMMMAAALLLLLLLL.


So how was the movie? Of course I loved it, and if you don’t want to hear a few plot items…stop reading and get to the movie theatre on March 21st.

Now for those needing a little more, I’ll be honest – the movie started a bit slow for me. We pick up right where we left off with the last Muppet movie. Literally. On Hollywood Boulevard with the song ending. Literally. And the Muppets decide on a sequel and bust into an appropriate sequel song and dance number.

Our furry friends then meet Dominic Badguy (that’s a French name) Ricky Gervias and of course he’s A BADGUY and the #2 of the World’s Most Dangerous Criminal Constantine- who looks exactly like Kermit, minus this mole on his cheek.

Tina Fey, who runs the Gulag where Kermit is eventually imprisoned, is awesome. Gervias is awesome. Phil Dunphy is awesome, ok ok… Ty Brurrell is his real name. He’s always Phil Dunfey to us. All the cameos are awesome.

My son liked this movie better than the last because there are more explosions. My daughter liked it because she got a Rowlf to squeeze.


My Mom and I have two tiny issues:

1) There needs to be ‘HIIIIIIIIYA!’ in the helicopter scene. Someone get on that.

2) The wedding scene. I have to say because there was no ‘because you share a love so big, I now pronounce you frog and pig….’ I was signing it in my head instead. Someone get on that and add it in, k?

And to top it all off the wedding is OF COURSE disrupted and we leave with Piggy in an awesome Vivianne Westwood gown and AGAIN NO FROG HUSBAND.

This makes me angry. VERY ANGRY. But as my son said as we were exiting the theatre onto Hollywood Blvd, ‘But Mom, then what would they make a movie about for the next….fifty years.’

Good point, kid. Good point.

However  I turn 40 this year and have been watching Kermit and Piggy my entire life. My dream needs to come true and I want them HITCHED ALREADY.

I also plan on getting a small white dog to carry around and shall name her FooFoo.

Just go see Muppets Most Wanted. In theaters March 21st, if nothing else you’ll love the singing and dancing prisoners.

Just trust me on this.