My family and I made an unexpected trip to Walt Disney World this weekend at the height of the Pokemon Go crazy and YES, the game is all over the parks and resort.

Being the noob players we are (GO Team RED!!!) we had just recently downloaded the much hyped app before heading out on our mini vacation. The entire drive consisted of us hand-wringing- would Disney allow the game on property? Wait, it doesn’t need to be ‘allowed’ it’s just there, right? Will there be a lot of Pokemon stops around legendary Disney sights? Could Cinderella’s Castle be a gym? What oh what would we find???

We didn’t even make it three steps out of the car and into Disney’s Polynesian resort and I had caught a weedle. Poke stops were popping up all over our maps, the ‘pokemon near’ had a gazillion shapes of creatures I had never seen before and my son was drooling with anticipation. This was just the lobby! Already 4 stops and 3 creatures caught! What on earth could the parks hold?

So rest assured my fellow poke’ wranglers, you can enjoy Disney and play the game as you walk the parks and enjoy the rides.

disneymagnetsI had the most fun with the stops where you can collect items like more poke’balls and potions and eggs. It turned out to be some really fun Disney statues, tikis, even the elephant inside the Rainforest Cafe’.

Just remember to STOP and stand to the side while catching an elusive pokemon. Too many players had heads down and bumped into my scooter and I admit once or twice I had to catch myself driving while Pokemon Go impaired.